September 2016 Star Students

sept stars
Martin Primary School would like to recognize our STAR students from each classroom for the month of September 2016. STAR students exhibit good behavior and character and are a role model for other students. Pictured are Kindergarten STAR students; (front row) Wesley Hatler from Brook Allen’s room, Jace Tims from Debbie Barner’s room, Addyson Wilson from Lauren Campbell’s room, Corday “CJ” Long from Tiffany Frazier’s room, Keilyn Albritton from Becky Jackson’s room, Laney Joyner from Jean Thompson’s room, Grace Erwin from Michelle Vincent’s room, and Kinsley Farris from Jade Wilkins’s room. The first grade STAR students are; (middle row) Jonathan Davis from Jessica Devries room, Jakarri Harrison from Stacye Fisher’s room, Case Billingsley from Rachel Fowler’s room, Rylan Diehl from Abbie McClure’s room, Emma Munoz from Allison Stockton’s room, Landon Gallimore from Amy Tims’s room, Chloe Davidson from Elisabeth Tompkins’s room, and Alexis Waldon from Zann Wortham’s room. Not pictured is Braden Adkerson from Lindsey Hussey’s room. The second grade STAR students are; (back row) Allyssa Williams from Rachel Bearden’s room, Daniel Kang from Rachel Cooper’s room, Amelia Pritchett from Beth Davidson’s room, Kevin Cates II from Lori Grissom’s room, Nathan Cole from Ginger Liles’s room, Ronnie Abbott from Nicki Moore’s room, Izaiah Chua from Angela Sams’s room, Zachery Harris from Lacie Watson’s room, and Principal Tracey Bell.